We share with you a letter from Tomeu Català, founder and president of Projecte Home about the work we did with them. Thank you for your kind words, Tomeu.

Exactly one year ago, at Projecte Home Balears, to enjoy the presence and expertise of Maria Macaya. Presence because it was from Monday to Friday, mornings and afternoons, during Holy Week 2016; and mastery because aware of the reality of Projecte Home she was able to invite and make possible that all of us who participated in the different groups took a break from our daily routine and took time to go within.
There are over twenty projects which divide our uses by age, profile, stage of addiction and detoxification. That Maria was able to fill the needs of each profile, understand such varied people, impressed me: teenagers to seventy-year-olds; very unstructured people with years of street or jail time to other very “normalized” people with work and family; one must also add to this the mental health issues as over 30%, of our users have one or more disorders.

Maria divided us into three levels, although some people ended up going to more than one, and from there we did our internalization process a slow, peaceful, demanding, and in the long run always pleasant.

There was some groups, for example that of the adolescent, for whom at the beginning it was not easy to concentrate. It must be kept in mind that they are people who, although young, have had a long path of de-structuring, deconcentration, and who have serious difficulty maintaining a minimum of attention. They are often hyperactive and very nervous. Still, Maria managed, in the first place, to earn their respect and to get them to listen to her. And they enjoyed it.

Other groups more easily entered into the dynamics Maria brought to the sessions. Due to the therapeutic stage they were in, or because of their historical journey, or even because of their psychological situation brought to be by the drugs the Center’s psychiatrist had prescribed.

Another group that Maria met with was that of therapists – doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, pedagogues, social workers, social educators, etc. – There are about seventy. And just as there was a good part that was happy and even did everything possible to participate, taking advantage of the sessions and enjoying them; there was a small part that was at first reluctant. I say at the beginning because after a few days and seeing the results in the users, they accepted and recognized that although yoga is not in the list of therapeutic tools it proved itself as a be valid complement to the therapeutic and rehabilitation process.

From there and as a result of later reflections, during this year there have been weekly groups in Projecte Home Balears enjoying the practice of yoga.
It really was a great luck for us to experience the holy week of 2016 and for that, our deepest gratitude to María Macaya, a great teacher because of her knowledge and pedagogical capacity.

Tomeu Català, president of Projecte Home Balears
Puigpunyent, April 2nd, 2017