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In compliance with the provisions of Order JUS / 152/2018, of September 12, which establishes the level of subjection of Foundations and Associations declared as Public Utility ALS instruments of Transparency established by Law December 21, 2014, of the Protectorate of the Foundations and of Verification of the activity of the Associations declared of Public Utility, the following information is provided on Radika Foundation (“Radika”):


  1. Activities: Radika is a non-profit organization that offers courses and workshops on yoga, meditation and alternative practices to prevent and cure the symptoms of restlessness and to complement traditional therapies for those suffering from mental disorders and traumas.
  2. Address and email: Address: C / Gustavo Becquer 38, 08023 Barcelona; Email:
  3. Composition of governing bodies and management team:



– President: Maria Macaya López Mancisidor

– Non-employer secretary: Ana Maria Alberich Giménez

– Treasurer: Fernando Rodés Vilà

– Member: Mireia Tomàs Carulla


Management team:

– General Director: Maria Macaya López Mancisidor

– Corporate Development Director: Javier Aurell Osés

  1. Financial statements and financial report: Click here
  2. Statutes: Click here
  3. Management and government structure: See section c) (Composition of governing bodies and management team)
  4. Organizational structure: See section c) (Composition of governing bodies and management team)
  5. Purposes or purposes: See section a) (Activities)
  6. Mission of the entity: See section a) (Activities)
  7. Result of the activities: The results translate into an increase in the well-being of the people who carry out the courses and workshops
  8. Web: https //


Privacy Policy


About us?

Radika Foundation (“Radika”) aims to offer yoga, meditation and alternative practices to prevent and cure the symptoms of restlessness and to complement traditional therapies to those suffering from mental disorders and traumas.

Main data: Name: Radika Foundation; CIF: G66893827; Address: C / Gustavo Becquer 38, 08023 Barcelona; Email:

What is explained in this Privacy Policy?

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform about the data that Radika can collect through this website and / or within the framework of the services offered and explain how such data is used.

What types of data does Radika collect and what do they use them for?

Radika collects the data of any person who voluntarily enrolls in the section of the web enabled to receive newsletters and any other information and news about the courses and services offered by Radika. This information includes name, surname, email, field of work (yoga, therapist, others) and other information that voluntarily shows in the corresponding fields. Radika can also use the personal data that are necessary for the issuance of invoices and other accounting documents.

In addition, in the course of the workshops and courses, Radika can take photographs, images and videos in which the people who attend to them partially or completely appear. These photographs, images and videos may be displayed on the Radika website and on social networks where they have a corporate profile (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), as well as in any other collaboration channels of the foundation’s sponsors and in the brochures and corporate documentation that is generated.

With whom do we share the data?

Only the data of the interested parties will be transferred to third parties due to legal obligation, for the accounting and fiscal treatment or for reasons related to the offered service, in any case through a contract of custom for treatment.

How long do we keep the data we obtain?

The data is removed from our systems once they have ceased to serve the purpose for which they were created.

What rights do the owners of the data have?

The holders of the data may exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, opposition and portability of the data by sending a letter to Radika’s address or an email to

Can this Privacy Policy change?

This Privacy Policy may be revised at any time to adapt it to any regulatory change or any evolution in the services.

Last revision: October 2018


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Can this Cookies Policy change?
This Cookies Policy may be revised at any time to adapt it to any regulatory change or any evolution in the services.

Last revision: October 2018