• For teachers and therapists interested in training

    What is behind the Radika methodology?

    Radika sessions are taught by professionals and offer tools to understand, respect and alleviate the symptoms of restlessness, mental disorders and addictions. Our sessions have proven to be an effective complement to conventional therapy. The methodology we use provides people with a sense of presence, empowerment and well-being often lost, as well as tools that can be used in daily life outside of therapy and yoga.

    Will it be useful for me as a yoga teacher?

    Almost 30% of people suffer from a disorder every year. We therefore believe it is important to have an understanding of what unease and disorders entail, and what the best ways to work with them are. Our trainings provide notions of the various disorders, tools to offer classes and sessions based on understanding and respect of the disorders, and techniques to help alleviate the symptoms and causes of the disorder suffered and to make conventional therapies more effective.

    Can a yoga teacher do the Radika training?

    Yes, it is open to yoga teachers of any style interested in supporting and working with people with mental disorders and unease.

    How are the Radika sessions different from any other yoga session?

    They are adapted to create a safe environment, minimize triggering factors, and offer people an opportunity to regain a sense of empowerment, intuition and choice.

    As a therapist, what can a Radika training offer me?

    At Radika we offer movement and breathing techniques that began to be studied in the 1980s in the United States by psychologists and psychiatrists working with people who suffered from trauma. Since then Yoga and Somatic Experiencing are two of the techniques that have advanced most and that have shown to have positive effects on people with unease and disorders, complementing conventional therapy. At the training, we offer techniques that can be incorporated intp any therapy session regardless of space limitations.

    If I want to work with Radika, what do I have to do?

    We require that you have attended one of our trainings, or a similar one in another center (in Spain or abroad) and that you contact us for an interview. We always look for people to join our team!

    Please check our schedule for upcoming trainings.

  • for those people suffering from unease or disorders

    How can a Radika session help me?

    It is shown that the methodology we use in Radika is an effective complement to conventional therapy. Our sessions offer people a safe space where they can regain trust in themselves and in the world around them. While in conventional therapy, patients may encounter blockages. Our methodology is oriented to move and eliminate these blocks in a controlled way.

    What can I expect from the sessions?

    We offer movement and breath-based practices. The sessions vary depending on the type of unease or disorder at hand. Our goal is to provide a safe space where one can recover feelings of stability, empowerment, confidence in oneself and trust in the surrounding world.p

    Where and how much?

    We work in public and private institutions, hospitals, NGOs and wellness centers. The prices of the session vary and are decided on a place to place basis.

  • for people or companies that want to obtain techniques and tools to prevent unease, burn out or compassion fatigue

    What do the Radika workshops offer?

    The Radika workshops offer tools and techniques to deal with stress, instability or many of the obstacles that modern life puts before us.

    What use would Radika workshops have in our company?

    We offer workshops in companies to prevent or relieve the burn-out effect that employees often suffer.

    What do sessions for compassion fatigue offer?

    Working as a volunteer, therapist, doctor, nurse or dealing with people with illnesses, disorders or advanced age can lead to compassion fatigue. It is difficult to see and to accept. Our sessions offer a supportive sharing space, as well as techniques and tools to detect, prevent and support this common syndrome.

  • for insitutions (private, NGO, welfare centers)

    How will it help the people who come to my center?

    Our sessions help people who suffer from unease or mental disorder and support and complement any conventional therapy they are already receiving. We adapt our sessions according to your needs and those of your clients.

    What can I expect?

    Our specifically trained professionals understand the needs of the people they are working with and know how to offer sessions that work around and for the client’s needs.

    How much do the sessions cost?

    Prices of our regular classes and workshops can vary. We try to adapt to the needs and restrictions of our customers.

    What are the options of sessions?

    Call us and depending on your needs we will look for the most suitable program of prevention, complement of therapy and / or support.

    With what kind of centers do you work?

    We work in private, public institutions that work with people who need support for distress or mental disorder. We also work in wellness centers.

    Where do you teach the classes?

    We are able to teach at your center if space is available or look for spaces that are convenient to you and your users. We also offer session in wellness centers and at private homes.

    Do we need material?

    Depending on the duration of the program that we develop for you we have different options so that this is not an impediment.